What is Mai Jiagong? How to prevent and control Mai Jiagong

What is Maijiagong? In fact, Maijiagong is a comfrey weed that grows in wheat fields and seriously affects the normal growth of wheat. What are the methods for controlling Maijiagong? Let me take a look at it. Let's go.

Prevention period and method: In order to effectively control the harm of Maijiagong, it must be considered according to the growth characteristics of Maijiagong and the application characteristics of herbicides . Due to the wide application of herbicides, the grass phase of wheat field is gradually complicated. When applying herbicides, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the prevention and control of other weeds such as sage, pig scorpion, lacquer, leeks, etc., which are both efficient and broad-spectrum.

1. Premature control: This period is the best control period for weeds in wheat field. Weeds are relatively small, roots are underdeveloped, drug resistance is relatively low, wheat seedlings are small and difficult to hide, easy to spray evenly, and the cost of prevention is relatively high. Low, can be 30 to 45 days after the sowing of wheat before the year, when the wheat family is above the 3rd leaf stage, choose sunny, windless weather, with a set of old horse C, old horse D1 or Lao Ma Shuangfu per acre, twice After dilution, apply 15-20 kg of water and spray evenly. It can also be mixed with the old horse double tiger or the calf Yanqueling to control the wild wheat medicinal agent, and it can save labor and labor.

2. Spring prevention and control: Most of Maijiagong was unearthed in autumn. After spring returning to green, the weed plants were larger and the roots were deeper, which made the resistance of weeds greatly strengthened. The wheat seedlings were larger and easier to hide, so this period was controlled by Maijiagong. It is necessary to increase the amount of herbicide used and the amount of water sprayed. It can be used with 2 sets of old horses and double blessings for 30-40 kilograms. It can also be used with old horse D1 (oxaza grass·double fluoride). · Chlorofluoropyrazine, a bag, 15-20 kg of water, spray evenly on the leaves, must be sprayed evenly, can control Maijiagong, leeks, piglets, resistant sage, buddha, and mai After compounding, it can increase the control effect on Maijiagong and completely prevent the harm of lacquer.

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