Wang Lixi won the top ten brands of China's smart locks, the first safety and quality

On July 9, 2017, the first 2017 Smart Lock "Sunflower Award" awarding ceremony hosted by China Construction Expo, China Smart Habitat Industry Promotion Association and NetEase Home was held in Guangzhou Construction Expo.

At the awards ceremony, Wangli Group won two awards for its leading quality, leading function, global leading, honor first and brand first: China's top ten brands of smart locks, China's smart lock safety quality The first prize, becoming the number one company among the many participating brands, is the double affirmation of Wang Li's smart lock in consumer word of mouth and product quality!

It is reported that the "Sunflower Award" smart lock brand selection activity consists of senior observers in the smart home industry, intelligent product design elites, smart door lock experts, door lock craftsmen, and jury members. Lenovo Group Vice President Yao Yingjia and Huawei operators The general manager of the Smart Home Solutions Department, Zeng Xiaolong, and the National Editor-in-Chief of NetEase Home, Hu Yan, served as judges, aiming to establish the industry's authoritative smart lock brand.

In the China Smart Lock Top Ten Brands Selection, the expert jury selected the shortlisted list of corporate data + organizing committee research + netizen voting. Among them, the company's data is 50%, including the establishment time scale, sales performance, award honors, consumer word-of-mouth feedback; the organizing committee research 30%, including enterprise R & D and manufacturing strength, peer evaluation, product research; netizens vote 20%. In the end, Wangli Smart Lock won the first place in China's top ten brands of smart locks with its strong corporate strength, product development and consumer trust.

The era of intelligence has arrived, and the modern mass consumer group has put forward higher requirements for the security performance of smart locks. As the leader in the door lock industry, Wang Li has always been based on solving the pain points of consumers, strict requirements on product safety performance, strict control, and let security doors and smart locks become the guardians of every family. The world's top special anti-theft lock cylinder, the national detection and prevention technology opening time is much higher than 270 minutes, Wang Li is the only national door lock double standard development unit in the door lock industry, all intelligent product development is based on user perfect experience, users Home security is the core starting point. Therefore, Wang Li’s smart locks were well-received and won the first prize of the China Smart Lock Quality and Safety Product Award.

At the meeting, the China Internet market's big data analysis authority, Analysys think tank, released the "China Smart Door Lock White Paper 2017" for the first time. The smart lock industry has never released a white paper, which is a milestone for the entire smart lock industry. significance. It is understood that in 2016, the size of China's smart home market reached 114 billion, and it is expected to reach 140.4 billion in 2017, an increase of 23.2%. It is expected to exceed 195 billion yuan by 2019.

With more than 100 R&D teams, Wangli Group adheres to the innovative concept of developing one generation, using one generation, and storing multiple generations. It has introduced a large number of international talents to set up R&D centers in headquarters, Shanghai and Hangzhou, and is still in the design capital of Milan, Italy. Established an international art intelligent development base and research and development center, and established scientific research strategic cooperation with Peking University, Wuhan University, Nankai University, Zhejiang University and other universities to achieve continuous upgrading of products, and continuously provide consumers with safer, smarter and more Diverse consumer experience. The self-developed door lock products can be customized and upgraded to various functions such as mobile phone, sensor, Facebook, iris and 3D recognition. It is especially convenient for the elderly and children to create a safe and temperature-proof, reflecting the level of Chinese manufacturing and satisfying the world. The “national gate lock” of consumer demand not only makes customers satisfied, but also makes customers feel moved.

Wangli Group has won more than 500 national patents and won the honor of national patent demonstration enterprise. As the designated brand of the G20 Hangzhou Summit, the Great Hall of the People, and the Xichang Satellite Launch Center, the brand value of Wang Li reached 18.681 billion yuan, ranking first in the security door industry for five consecutive years. It is the first national high-tech enterprise in the industry. The industry's only door lock country double standard setting unit. Through the five-star brand and after-sales service system certification, "Zhejiang Manufacturing" certification, it has won the first choice of the top 500 suppliers of Chinese real estate enterprises for many years.

R&D director Zhi Chongxi introduced that convenience and safety are the two core features of Wang Li's new generation of smart locks.

1. Convenience: Unique 7 core convenient technologies: military worker face recognition, mobile phone key, automatic door lock, linkage smart home, user authority hierarchical management, 3D vein thermal recognition, pure imported fingerprint head, sensitive fingerprint recognition.

Second, security: unique 9 core security technologies: separation of three powers, mechanical and electrical protection; military encryption, remote worry-free; 3D identification, live anti-counterfeiting; special anti-lock core, unique global; intelligent monitoring, automatic alarm; mechanical defense Black, forever suffering; coercive alarm, invisible security; virtual password, put an end to voyeurism; double verification, multiple insurance.

Wang Li automatic safety door is more convenient and magical: if you carry your mobile phone with you, when the person is about 1 meter away from the door, the access control system will automatically identify the owner's identity, and the door will automatically open to welcome the owner to go home; when many people walk together, the access control system will automatically recognize the last person. After entering, the door is automatically closed; when someone is in front of the door, the system sends an alarm message and captures the photo of the suspicious person to upload to the owner's mobile phone, and can capture the video or issue a warning remotely.

Zhi Chongxi said, "Ali Alipay does not need us to bring a wallet, Wang Li smart lock allows us not to bring the key. Wang Li's new generation of smart lock is also the epitome of China's intellectual creation 2025 era, Wang Li has been leading the development trend of the door lock industry."

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