The expert meticulously taught decoration knowledge to solve the doubts of Wanjia

Preparing home renovations is like preparation. Regardless of the helplessness of the sloppy decoration when it is not fit to his own mind, merely taking a look at the pile of news on the quality of renovation projects, cutting corners, and harming health in the current market is enough to make us frightened. Therefore, home decoration must be indiscriminate. Therefore, we will teach homeowners who are about to enter home renovation with decoration knowledge to help you solve the decoration puzzles.

First, the whole family mobilization

If you want to determine the family decoration, do it for a rainy day, generally two months before the renovation should begin preparations, in the 30 to 60 days of the decoration cycle, may appear at any time to receive goods or make supplementary materials and other emergency situations And the acceptance of important projects when they are completed. Therefore, before the renovation, it is necessary to estimate the free time of the members of the family in order to assign responsible matters.

Second, multi-channel cram

Decoration is a very professional thing. As a layman, it is absolutely impossible to cope with the traps and institutions on the market. Therefore, it is very necessary to start repairing the decoration two to three months before the renovation.

1. On the homepage of major domestic portals, surf the surf, and understand the meanings of special nouns such as construction procedures and national standards.

2. Ask netizens, ask experts, ask vendors, no matter if you have any doubts about the decoration, if you have the opportunity, you should not hesitate to ask people who have practical experience in decoration. Finally, it will certainly benefit a lot.

3, see some of the home newspaper articles, take the time to listen to all kinds of professional lectures, but also homeopathic inspection decoration companies.

Third, plan a good budget

If your psychological budget or gross estimate is 80,000 yuan, you will often find that after the renovation is completed, the actual cost will reach 9 to 10 million yuan. Therefore, it is suggested that the owner should prepare a little more than the actual budget at the beginning. The remaining amount. Additional costs that may arise during the renovation include: telephone charges, food and beverage expenses, removal costs, and rework costs. So be fully prepared.

The main preparation is that, after getting the room key, in addition to examining the quality of the house according to the purchase contract, if you are looking for a decoration company, you must also conduct field trips with its design and engineering staff before the renovation: If you get a detailed drawing of your house and you want to change the room layout, you can first understand which wall in the house is a non-bearing wall that can be demolished; there should be a preliminary plan for the new home (for example, the future of each room). The functional sockets, network cables, and the layout of the television signal cable), the approximate location of the furniture and electrical appliances in the room; the decoration style is clearly selected according to the characteristics of the home layout and preferences.

Fourth, shop around

It is a relatively hard thing to go to the building materials market during the preparation phase. If you are the one who is striving for perfection, this is often not a matter of visiting a building materials market. The first time to visit the market, mainly to examine the brand, understand the product, go shopping with the purpose of looking for their own budget materials.

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