Simple removal of pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables

Nowadays, the skin of most vegetables and fruits has a large number of pesticide residues. How to clean and remove these pesticides is a guarantee for people's health. Here are some tips on vegetables, fruits and pesticides.

Different vegetable types have different adsorption capacities for pesticides. For the long-term accumulation of pesticides in the soil of planting environment, the adsorption capacity of root vegetables is strong, followed by leafy vegetables, and the adsorption capacity of solanaceous fruits is the worst.

With the improvement of people's safety awareness, some people have created a misunderstanding. They believe that vegetables with insect eyes are safe to eat, and even others choose vegetables with insect eyes. However, this kind of understanding is not scientific. Vegetables are often sprayed with larger doses of pesticides due to strong resistance to pests and diseases. It is very likely that vegetable farmers apply only after the occurrence of pests. Therefore, whether or not insects are used as a basis for food safety is Unreliable.

Although “safe food” has reached the qualified standard for the highest pesticide residue limit in vegetables, it does not meet the requirements of “green food”, and there is still a certain amount of residual pesticide on vegetables. How to reduce residual pesticides on vegetables as much as possible?

According to the China Pesticide Network , in addition to pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables can be soaked in clean water for 10 to 20 minutes before consumption, if it can be better with 1% ~ 2% aqueous solution of edible alkali, and finally rinsed with water. Because most pesticides are acidic, soaking in alkaline water can effectively remove pesticides from vegetable surfaces, and can also be soaked in rice water. Vegetables such as beans, cauliflower, celery, and kale are hotted with boiling water before being fried, which is very effective in reducing the pollution of highly toxic pesticides such as methamidophos.

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