Select the balcony window to see the profile frameless balcony window how to choose?

Nowadays there are many brands of balcony windows on the market. Consumers need to pay attention to the following three points when purchasing window frames without frame!

Create a balcony window

1. Material purchase

Aluminium profiles should use ISO-certified profile products. In order to ensure that the long-term use of the balcony window is not deformed, the thickness of the aluminum profile should be 3mm or more. The glass should be 6mm safe tempered glass with the national 3C certification mark.

The main structural parts should be made of stainless steel materials to ensure that they never rust.

2. Performance purchase

Safety performance: attention should be paid to the connection between the balcony sash and the upper and lower guide rails. It is better that the upper part of the sash has a suspension and the lower part has a supporting structure. This can concentrate the weight of the sash in the lower part of the balcony and use it more safely and at ease.

Firm performance: For balconies with arcs and corners, attention should be paid to the stainless steel reinforced connecting ribs at the corner joints between the guide rails and the guide rail beams. Such a balcony window can withstand the impact force of the sash when it moves and extends the service life of the balcony windows.

Practical performance: for balconies with arcs and corners (especially 90 degrees turn to the balcony) should use the window sash can be free to slide through any angle of the balcony window, to avoid the window sash in the 90 degree corner can not be slipped and do the opening window, so You can reduce the space wasted on the balcony due to multiple openings.

3. Product purchase

Should use a brand of the unit, because the product's accessories and technology is proprietary technology, so the perfect after-sales service is the user's primary consideration for product selection.

The product should have the insurance certificate of the insurance company.

Products should be selected by the national authoritative department of the product, and the product wind pressure performance indicators should reach more than 2000MPA.

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The door to buy balcony lighting brand window glass stainless steel space glass door

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