Plastic net teaches you how to clean the printing plate machine?

After the printing plate machine is used for a period of time, the internal liquid tank is prone to crystallization, scaling, etc., especially in the case of relatively hard water, this situation is more likely to occur. This situation is obviously much better than that of the earlier film processor, but as a tool, there are always problems in the process of use, so this requires some maintenance. How to clean when the printing plate machine produces dirt? Today, the plastics industry website - Jiuzhi Plastics Co., Ltd. introduces how to clean the printing plate machine?
Whether it is a basic device such as a printing plate machine, or other advanced equipment, such as a color Doppler imager, a C-arm X-ray machine, a medical film printer, etc., daily maintenance has a distinction between conventional methods and professional methods. .
The conventional method of treating the crystallization inside the processor is to rinse with dilute hydrochloric acid. The advantage of this method is that the operation is simple and the descaling effect is thorough; but the disadvantage is also very obvious, one hydrochloric acid odor is stimulated, and the second hydrochloric acid is a strong acid, which is easy to cause corrosion to the equipment.
Seeing the conventional method in this way is actually too scientific, so we are gradually deprecating, and we recommend that customers use more professional maintenance methods, with special cleaning agents. The concentrate is diluted with water, heated to 30 ° C in a developing machine tank, and turned on for 30 minutes to clean the surface of the rubber roller in the plate processor, crystallize the inner wall of the tank, and not corrosive.
Others include advanced equipment such as color Doppler imager, C-arm X-ray machine, medical film printer, etc. The manufacturer is actively guiding customers to adopt new methods for maintenance, helping to extend equipment life and reduce customer cost. It also laid a good foundation for the next cooperation between the two sides.

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