Is the patent leather leather?

Many of the items on the market today that are used in our lives are leather skins that have been treated with patent leather. On the market today, we have used a large amount of wrinkled leather. In the tanning process, the leather body is softened first and then lacquered. Its brightness is no less than that of the mirror-like patent leather. The wrinkles, such as broken tempered glass lines, are soft and do not lose the characteristics of leather. Then we next specifically introduce the patent leather is leather , and how to maintain the relevant content of patent leather.

Is the patent leather leather?

1, patent leather is actually aniline leather and leather, patent leather is also often referred to as the name of pearl leather, patent leather is actually a kind of leather finishing technology process, refers to the leather or PU leather and other materials on the paint, in the leather It is also high-end. The general patent leather surface is smooth and bright, so it is strictly speaking, so the patent leather does not belong to the leather. It is characterized by its bright color, natural, waterproof, moisture-proof, non-deformable, and easy to clean and care.

2, patent leather is the surface of some items processed into a light and hard leather, it is an indispensable material in dress decoration, this leather technology content is high, leather is durable, with the naked eye can not see the pores. Because the process of finishing has closed the pores, this leather is almost non-extensible, the smell is chemical smell, and there is almost no leather smell.

3, the production of patent leather material is the use of neutral resin paint, then when the maintenance will be relatively simple, because it will not be so easy to fade, but the surface is not easy to absorb water. Patent shoes and bags should be properly kept and placed. At temperatures above 17 degrees Celsius, chemical reactions will occur and dyeing will occur. It is generally difficult to clean after dark colors are dyed dark, and some patent leather shoes and bags are often stained with colored materials such as ballpoint pens.

How to maintain the patent leather

1, I often wear leather shoes so when the care of patent leather, you can use a clean rag for a simple wipe, the patent leather has a waterproof effect so it will not be contaminated with water stains, so as long as the light to the upper surface of the dust, the shoes will It will be bright as new. There are two kinds of patent leather, one is a layer of brightener sprayed on the surface of the leather, this type of patent leather shoes try not to wipe with a damp cloth, if the stain can be used cloth dipped in water, lightly wipe the stain until the disappearance. However, repeated wiping with a damp cloth may cause the brightener to be wiped off, and even make the leather under the brightener damp and harden, the brilliance will also be dimmed, the shoes themselves will gradually become stiff, and there is a danger of leather cracks.

2, then the use of PVC film paste made of patent leather shoes, then relatively speaking, the quality of the back is more solid, it will not fade, but can not be directly used to clean shoes with a damp cloth, after all, the shoes are essentially leather. If you inadvertently let the water infiltrate into the shoes, it will hurt the shoes. So after wiping the upper quickly with a damp cloth, use a dry soft cloth to dry the water on the upper immediately. Do not rush into the shoe box after the cleansed patent leather shoes. Leave the shoes dry for one day and wait until the shoes are completely dry before carrying out the storage work.

3, General PVC film patent leather shoes to pay attention to a few points, is walking on the road when you want to be careful shoes and the ground friction or rub on the steps, or will cause the upper skin will be open, affecting the appearance. The easiest and quickest way is to glue the split leather back to its original position with strong glue as soon as possible. If it does not matter for the damaged part, then the open paint will be lost in the next “accidentally”.

The above is about the patent leather is leather , and how to maintain the relevant content of the patent leather is introduced here, I hope these will help everyone. If you still don't understand where you can pay attention to more news, if you want to learn more about this news, please continue to pay attention to our website.

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