Indoor decoration environmental protection materials include which must choose the low formaldehyde emission plate

After buying a new house, everyone’s concern is how to decorate it. With the continuous progress of modern society, people's demands for quality of life and environment are also increasing. At the same time, due to the pollution of the decoration materials to the environment is also very serious, so the decoration of environmental protection materials came into being. Then, what is the environmental protection material? What are the interior decoration environmental protection materials? Now the interior decoration pollution is getting more and more serious. For the family's health, many people look for decoration materials in the market to reduce the interior decoration pollution. Don't worry, today I will simply introduce the relevant knowledge of the interior decoration.

Decoration environmental material type

1. Basic non-toxic and harmless type

Naturally, it has no or few harmful substances, and it has not been contaminated. It has only undergone simple processing. Such as: plaster, talcum powder, sand, wood, some natural stone.

2. Low toxicity, low emission type

Refers to the processing, synthesis, etc. to control the accumulation and release of harmful substances, due to slight toxicity, pose no danger to human health. Such as: formaldehyde emission is low, up to the national standard Daxinban, plywood, fiberboard and so on.

Unknown type

It is impossible to determine and evaluate hazardous materials by scientific means. Such as: environmental protection latex paint, environmentally friendly paint. These materials are non-toxic and harmless, but with the development of science, they may be reconsidered in the future.

What are the environmental protection materials for interior decoration?

Second, wall materials and their choice

Wall materials include: latex paint, wallpaper, wall tiles, paint, veneer, wall coverings, wall mats and so on.

1. Wallpaper

The market is dominated by plastic wallpapers. Advantages: Colors, patterns, and textures are endless, far more abundant than paints.

2. Wall cloth (wallpaper)

Commonly used are: non-woven wall coverings and glass fiber wall coverings.

3. Coating

(1) Low-grade water-soluble coatings: Commonly used are 106 and 803 coatings.

(2) Latex paint: The current popular Nippon Paint is divided into high and low grades. High-end are: silk deli (Nippon paint), imported ICI (Dulux), imported GPM Master latex paint. Features: Mercerized, looks like silk, usually brushing twice. The low-grade ones are: Mei Shili, Li Shili, etc. They can paint directly without bottoming.

(3) Colorful spraying: It is dispersed in water in the form of oil-in-water and can be formed by spraying.

4. Brick wall

In home improvement, ceramic products are used to decorate walls, floors, and cabinets. Ceramic products have low water absorption, corrosion resistance and anti-aging ability.

Third, the ground material

Ground materials include: solid wood flooring, composite wood flooring, natural stone, artificial stone floor tiles, carpets made of textile products, flooring of artificial products (plastics).

1. Solid wood flooring

Solid wood flooring is the floor decoration material that is formed after the wood is dried and processed. It has a natural pattern, good foot feel, easy construction, safe use, and good decorative effect.

2. Laminate flooring

After raw materials are used as raw materials, they are crushed, filled with adhesive and anti-corrosion materials, and processed into floor-paved profiles.

3. Solid wood composite floor

The new flooring between solid wood flooring and laminate flooring has the natural art, texture and elasticity of solid wood flooring, and it also has the advantages of strengthening the flooring against deformation and easy cleaning.

4. Floor tiles

Floor tiles are one of the materials for floor covering. They are: whole body bricks, glazed tiles, whole body polished tiles, seepage tiles, and osmotic polished tiles. Features: Solid texture, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, water impermeability, easy cleaning, low water absorption, more color patterns, and good decorative effect.

5. Stone plate

Plate-shaped decorative surface material made from natural rock through block mining, sawing, grinding and other processes. With dense structure, strong resistance to moisture, weather resistance and other characteristics

6. Carpet

The carpet has a soft texture, elasticity, and good sound insulation and heat insulation.

Fourth, the top material

Ceiling materials are: wood plywood, gypsum plasterboard, decorative gypsum board, plastic gussets, drill gussets and plastic organic translucent panels.

Role: Insulation, cooling, concealing the various shortcomings of the original roof, in order to obtain decorative effects and contrast atmosphere, the bathroom to prevent steam invasion of the roof, cover up and down the water pipe.

Editor's summary: The above is the introduction of environmental protection materials for interior decoration, including the selection of low-formaldehyde plates. We hope to help those who have such needs. For more information, please continue to pay attention to our website. , Follow-up will present more exciting content!

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