Frost prevention and dehydration crack four major problems in winter decoration

The cold winter weather and dry air are not suitable for decoration. However, if you have to decorate at this time, it is not absolutely impossible. The following problems for the winter decoration, give everyone some small experience and hope to benefit everyone:

Problem 1: The paint dries slowly

In winter, the temperature is low and the sunshine is weak. The paint on the wall is not easy to dry, and cracks such as hair may easily appear in the future.

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Solution: The thinning treatment of the wall usually requires five steps of painting the interface agent, leveling, applying the patch, two times of primer, and finishing the paint again. After the previous step is processed, it must be dried before entering the next one. Steps, otherwise there will be cracking and drumming on the wall in the future.

During construction in winter, each layer of paint should not be painted too thick. In winter, the outer layer is air-dried quickly. If the coating is thick, the inner layer is difficult to dry out because of the low temperature. Therefore, the chance of hollowing, cracking, and wall inequality will increase in the future.

Problem 2: Cement mortar is easy to freeze

A lower temperature will harden the cement mortar very quickly, but this is not freezing but freezing. After the ice in the cement mortar is melted, its adhesive force is reduced, and it easily falls off.

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Solution: Add antifreeze

Under normal circumstances, the room temperature above 0 °C will not have a significant impact on the paving tiles, so as far as possible at a higher temperature when mixing cement mortar. It is understood that some decoration companies will, in the winter construction, add anti-freeze agents to the cement mortar.

At the same time, because the outdoor temperature is low, the tiles cannot be used directly after entering the site, but should be placed in the room for a period of time. After the temperature is the same as the room, the estimated amount of the day is used, and the tile is immersed in water of 5° C. or higher. After the tiles are immersed in water, the bonding strength with the cement mortar can be strengthened to reduce the chance of shedding.

Problem 3: Dry weather causes wood dehydration

In the dry weather in winter, wood products are easily deformed due to "dehydration."

Solution: proper left seam

All wooden materials should be placed in the room for three to five days before installation to allow them to adapt to the indoor humidity. After the moisture content is close to the indoor level and then installed, it can minimize the deformation of the wood in the future.

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Problem 4: Creating a non-toxic illusion

The harmful gases such as benzene and formaldehyde are slow to evaporate in the winter, but with the increase of temperature, the harmful gases will accelerate the volatilization.

Solution: Do not rush to stay

After the winter decoration, many people feel that the interior is not so much "decoration" that they stay in it, but in fact, this is the illusion caused by the low temperature. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers who want to decorate in winter, even if there is no smell in the room, still need to place them for a month or so.

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