Feng Shui knowledge: Jiahe Yin and Yang are different


Home is like a human body, there are organs to cope with, such as the liver in the bedroom, the heart in the kitchen, the spleen in the study, the lungs in the living room, and the kidneys in the living room, "one organ is matched with one organ", which corresponds to the makeup room (or cloakroom) in the bedroom. The main and secondary passages corresponding to the kitchen and living room are the small intestine and the large intestine, the dining room corresponding to the study is the stomach, the washroom corresponding to the bathroom is the bladder, and all the doors and windows corresponding to each living room are triple burners. But the Chinese medicine also said that the five internal organs are yin, and the six internal organs are yang; and the five internal organs are "full but cannot be fulfilled", the six internal organs are "real and cannot be fulfilled", the former "harvest essence without diarrhea", and the latter "transmitter without Tibetan".


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From this point of view, bedrooms, kitchens, study rooms, living rooms, and bathrooms are the shade of the home, "full but not real", emphasizing the spiritual level; dining room, dressing room, washroom, corridor and passage, and all doors and windows are the sun of the home, " Real and not full ", focusing on the material level.


Yin is the main yang supplemented


Outdoors should be movable, indoors should be quiet, and home is a place to rest and recuperate, so the brakes are static. Therefore, the layout of bedrooms, study rooms, living rooms, and bathrooms should be suitable for quiet environments, soft lighting, or meditation, or concentration, or sleep. Being brightly lit and coming from all directions is definitely not conducive to self-cultivation and self-cultivation. Although the kitchen can produce fire, it has water sources. In general, there are not too many doors and windows in the kitchen. It is dark to avoid fire. Prestige, the fire is too strong and endangers the home. For example, some big families divide the kitchen and live, and build the kitchen in a corner of the courtyard.


However, corridors and passages need sufficient light, and natural lighting is not necessary. The light is self-evident. The dining room also needs sufficient light. If the light is too dark, it will affect the appetite and damage the body. At the same time, set up brightly colored paintings, dressing rooms, The washing room needs bright light, and it needs to be close to natural light in order to achieve the best results, and the doors and windows are naturally sunny. In addition, they have one thing in common, which is related to the dynamic.


Things are always relatively relative. The five internal organs of the human body are divided into yin and yang, and the "five internal organs" of home also have yin and yang. For example, the kitchen is the heart, the sun is in the yang, the bathroom is the kidney, the yin is in the yin, etc. "Liufu" itself also has yin and yang, and then divided into yin in yang, yang in yang, etc., regardless of "five organs" and "six enthusiasm", natural light, especially sunlight, should be introduced in a timely manner and in an appropriate amount.


Accumulate gas and keep smooth


If it is said that the home is divided into yin and yang, it is conducive to the unity of heaven and man, then how to "full" and "real" are the specific requirements of yin and yang. "Dirty" is called "Tibetan" in ancient times. "Full" means fullness. Compared with Jingqi, Chinese medicine believes that the five internal organs are used to hide the essential gas without diarrhea. It can be filled with essence, but cannot be "stuffed" by the water valley. A pleasant home focuses on the construction of style and the accumulation of aura, and the screen is the best use of "hiding without diarrhea". Home is suitable for rest, learning, or communication, just as one person manifests Jingqi, such as sleep is mainly affected by the aura and the environment, the space does not need to be too large, and the objects should not be placed too much.


But Liufu "transmits chemical substances without hiding", "real but not full" "real", relative to the water valley, describes the state of Liufu transmitting water valley. On the one hand, the doors, windows, and passages are the places where the air blower enters and exits. It is a real place to greet the transmission. It can't bear other or excessive functions; on the other hand, the main end of the dressing room or cloakroom is equipped with instruments and dressing. In order to show the spirit, the dining room has a meal, and the water valley is accepted, which is the foundation of the acquired day. The washroom is a place for cleaning, washing clothes, and carrying out the duties of prosperity.


In addition, "Fu" is the suffix of the government, and it also means to gather and storehouses. Only when there is gathering can it be passed on. Therefore, the dining room, washroom, dressing room or cloakroom also have the practical function of storage or belonging, but they still cannot. "Full" so as not to affect the use.


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