Energy-saving lamp that emits wisdom light to make the brain glow again

LED (Light Emitting Diode), a light emitting diode, is a solid state semiconductor device that can directly convert electricity into light. The heart of the LED is a semiconductor wafer.


One end of the wafer is attached to a support, one end is a negative electrode, and the other end is connected to the positive electrode of the power supply, so that the entire wafer is encapsulated with epoxy resin. The semiconductor wafer consists of two parts, one is a P-type semiconductor, in which holes are dominant, and the other end is an N-type semiconductor, which is mainly electrons. When the two semiconductors are connected, a PN junction is formed between them. When the current is applied to the wafer through the wire, the electrons are pushed to the P area. In the P area, the electrons recombine with the holes, and then they emit energy in the form of photons. This is the principle of LED light emission. The wavelength of light, which is the color of light, is determined by the material that forms the PN junction.

Bring a new thing today

LED lighting home found that the light control again brings strange and interesting lamps. The design of this concept lamp makes the energy-saving lamps no longer straightforward, and each lamp tube is so interesting that it is a simple brain shape. Different from the weird nausea that our brains have left behind, the design of energy-saving lamps is really different. Not only does the curved fluorescent tube greatly increase the luminous area, but after lighting, it has a more mysterious and holy feeling. Perhaps this is also wisdom. A visual expression of light.

LED lights

LED lights

LED lights

LED lights

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