Discussing the "Buddha Shadow Zen" in Modern Furniture Design

"Zen is a heart lamp", "enlightenment" health, "enlightenment" love, "enlightenment" beauty, etc. More and more people understand the truth from this heart lamp. In a modern city, a high-frequency, full-load lifestyle makes people mentally and physically exhausted. In this increasingly busy life, people yearn for a space that can be completely relaxed, and adjust the conversion spirit with conciseness and purity. This is the psychology of people who want to get rid of the complexity and complexity and pursue simplicity and nature under the control of complementary consciousness. This is why minimalism prevails in the design world today.

The idea of ​​"Zen" affects the design concept of today's era. We often find the mark of "Zen" in today's interior design, environmental design, furniture design, and product design. Modern people's requirements for home furnishing tend to be simple without losing taste, the design lines are simple, they feel simple and quaint, and Zen furniture and layout are becoming more and more popular.

"Buddha Shadow Zen" is not only popular in China, but also in East Asia, Southeast Asia and other regions, especially in Japan. His cultural background is centered on "Zen". Zen-style furniture is more fully reflected in Japanese-style homes. Japanese people's understanding of Zen dwellings is generally characterized by the use of natural materials and the use of simple, quiet, simple, and calm color combinations.

The mutual penetration of Buddhist culture and Chinese culture has had a profound influence on the evolution and design of Chinese furniture. The broad and profound Zen and the spiritual realm of literati who are deeply influenced by Zen theory are also reflected in the modern furniture design. Buddhism does not intend to establish any aesthetics, and rarely elaborates aesthetic issues positively. However, the world view, universe view, outlook on life, aesthetics, etc. elucidated in the Buddhist classics unconsciously reveal the rich aesthetic meaning. The beauty of "round phase" and the beauty of "consummation"; the beauty of "roundness" and the beauty of "roundness", etc., bred a dazzling aesthetic idea, and this idea created a style with unique artistic conception in furniture design.

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