Bao De'an new product refresh lock safety new standard investigation and analysis

     Recently, the Group's brand Baodean Security Products Co., Ltd. has launched three lock products for different market needs. Among them, the Alpha series electronic door locks use induction cards, passwords and mechanical keys to open the door for the door factory. The choice of high-end electronic locks; another double-fast 888-8-9 type lock body, which meets the user's demand for high-end anti-theft locks, and enhances the convenience of use and operation through unique design; in addition, Bao Dean It also brings a breakthrough super B-class anti-theft double-latch cylinder. This product has two structural features of blade and marble. Its original structure has applied for two patents of national invention and utility model.
The introduction of the Alpha series of electronic door locks proves the company's continuous exploration in this field. Its streamlined design and gold and silver color selection continue the atmospheric appearance and meticulous craftsmanship of Baodean locks, while counter-locking and indoor
insurance The functions of tongue, password input protection and error lock are fully guaranteed to ensure the safety of electronic locks. What's more worth mentioning is that the lock cylinder adopts the diamond lock cylinder, that is, the diamond plug is mounted on the end face of the outer lock core. Only the correct key is inserted, and the lock cylinder can be rotated after pulling the diamond to pull the lock cylinder. This undoubtedly provides another layer of security protection for the lock cylinder. Considering the upgrade from the conventional anti-theft lock to the electronic lock, the alpha series electronic door locks also use a more versatile 68mm center distance, allowing more families to quickly and easily replace the electronic door lock. For occasions with higher safety requirements, such as villas, high-end residences, Baodean's new double-fast 888-8-9 lock body is a better choice, its ring lock tongue, 7 lock points, and defense The triple protection of the main locking tongue of the saw pin greatly enhances the anti-theft capability. In addition, the new double-fast 8 type heavy lock has technically added an indoor and outdoor reverse handle lock door, which realizes The indoor quick opening function makes it safe and convenient to use.
     For the door factory and retail users, Baodean's super B-class anti-theft double-latch cylinder realizes the innovative lock core structure, which has two structural features of blade and marble. The most obvious advantage is the internal structure of the lock cylinder. The design becomes complicated, greatly improving the ability to prevent technical opening and explosion-proof opening. At the same time, the special-shaped marble design of this product is very difficult to process and has national patents. These breakthrough technologies make the double-latch core have more than 4 billion key-keys, and achieve a super-B-class anti-theft capability with zero theoretical open rate. Its internal ABC structure can completely eliminate the AB failure. After the decoration is completed, the user does not need to change the lock cylinder. As long as the A key of the decoration worker is discarded by the C key, it can be used with peace of mind.
     Xu Bin, product manager of Baodean Company, said: "We have always adhered to the principle of 'user-oriented, continuous innovation' in the research and development of locks. We visited the main gates to conduct research and obtain the most direct feedback, and through the country. 23 offices in different regions collect local market conditions on a regular basis, so as to develop corresponding product strategies based on this. The three new products launched this time are aimed at different application directions and are believed to meet the needs of users. We are also very happy. It is seen that at the Yongkang Expo in May this year, Baodean has attracted the attention of many new and old users. These will definitely encourage us to launch more and better products."

About Bao Dean

     Baodean Security Products Co., Ltd. integrates design, development, production, sales and service, specializing in the production of "Bao De'an" brand mechanical anti-theft door lock series, fire door lock series, car door lock series, electronic anti-theft door lock, Luxury decorative door locks and high-tech products such as fingerprint locks. The company has more than 2,300 employees, including 26 senior engineers and 198 intermediate engineers. The annual production capacity is more than 8 million sets and the sales revenue exceeds 500,000 yuan. With advanced assembly line production equipment, independent research and development center and a complete set of locks and durability program-controlled automatic inspection and testing equipment, all kinds of locks produced have passed the inspection of national quality supervision and inspection machinery, and all technical parameters are in line with the standards. About ASSA ABLOY Group As a global leader in door opening solutions, ASSA ABLOY Group is committed to meeting the full range of users' needs for safety, security and convenience.
     Since its inception in 1994, the ASSA ABLOY Group has grown from an initial small regional company to today's large multinational group with approximately 41,000 employees and annual sales of approximately SEK 42 billion. The products provided by the Group have also evolved from mechanical locks to smart door opening solutions, covering a complete range of door-to-door switches from locks to safety doors and access control systems. The ASSA ABLOY Group has more than 300 companies in more than 60 countries, including many internationally renowned brands such as ASSA, BESAM in Sweden, ABLOY in Finland, VINGCARD in Norway, IKON in Germany, Eff-Eff in Germany, and SARGENT in the US. , HID, France's VACHETTE, JPM, etc. ASSA ABLOY Group has approximately 15,000 employees in China and high-end commercial and civilian hardware brands such as Yale, Domex and Guli.

Cold Forming Tee Machine :

Cold Forming Elbow Machine is mainly produce Carbon Steel Tee , stainless steel tee and ally steel tee. Tee cold forming machine belongs to cold process ( hydraulic propulsion )  which can produce size from 1/2 inch -24 inch and thickness upto 25mm. The max system pressure : 31.5 Mpa and the steady working pressure is 25 Mpa.


Adavantage of Hydraulic Tee Cold Forming Machine :


1. The one set mould can produce different thickness tee .

2.  Power consumption is low .

3. Machine work occupation is small

4. It can produce both Seamless Tee and ERW tee


Butt Welding Tee Machine photo :

Hydraulic Tee Cold Forming Machine

Tee cold forming machine

Cold Forming Tee Machine

Cold Forming Tee Machine,Hydraulic Tee Cold Forming Machine,Welded Tee Cold Making Machine,Seamless Tee Machine

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