90 flat house decoration how much money new house save money five big seconds

The 90-square-foot house is popular with young homebuyers and is ideal for small families of three. After the purchase of a house, they face the problem of decoration. For many young people after 80 and 90, they always hope to decorate the house with the least amount of money for the best results. There is no concept of how much money will be spent on building a 90-square house . So how much is 90 flat house renovation ? How to decorate a new house to save money? The following article will share these issues with you and look forward to helping those who need them.

90 flat house renovation how much money to save one of the coup

To save money in home furnishings, the first thing is to abandon overly complicated home improvement designs and strive to be simple and practical. Many owners now favor modern minimalist style. Lighting is an important part of home improvement, it is an important tool for shaping the home atmosphere, 90 square meters of the house, not too much modeling, the simple way is to use ceiling lamps in the bedroom, in the guest restaurant can choose a sense of style can be. The ceiling lamp is usually 80 to 100 yuan, and the modeling lamp is 200 yuan. Lighting budget is best controlled at around 2,000 yuan.

90 flat house decoration how much money save money coup two

Cabinets have become the most basic configuration of the cooking room. Everyone should pay attention to their cost performance when choosing cabinets. Under the condition of guaranteed quality, they can choose affordable products and prepare for 3,000 yuan. Another big head is the floor. Laminate flooring and solid wood laminate flooring are the choices of many owners. For a room of 90 square meters, laminate flooring should be a cost-effective choice! Some laminate flooring more than 120 yuan per square meter, spread to a very good effect, the floor budget is best controlled within 5,000 yuan.

90 flat house decoration how much money save money coup three

Tiles must be used for house decoration. Tiles used in home improvement are the floor of the hall and kitchen and other space. When decorating the living room floor, everyone should use tiles of a higher grade. When decorating the kitchen and bathroom, the wall tiles can be selected in general quality varieties, but the ground tiles must choose a type with good abrasion resistance, strong slip resistance and high dirt resistance. 90 m2 house, kitchen 4 to 6 m2, bathroom 3 to 4 m2. When purchasing, the price can be differentiated. Tile budget should be controlled at 1 million.

90 flat house decoration how much money save money coup

The owners all pay attention to the decoration of the TV wall. There are many materials available on the market, such as stone, wallpaper, microcrystalline stone and so on. It is suggested that you can use wallpaper to decorate the TV wall. You can also use non-woven fabrics. These materials not only save money, but also can decorate very good results. Everyone can control the video wall budget at around 2,000 yuan.

90 flat house decoration how much money save money coup 5

Everyone will use paint when doing renovations on the wall. For the consideration of home environmental protection, it is recommended that everyone must buy large brands of paint and paint. This is like a high-grade dress, in fact, it will help you save money, paint is the same, paint is a basic activity, even if it was more expensive, but run out of worry, such as some paint even if the quality is good, Whites will be yellow when they are long, but they won't be high. Therefore, it is recommended that the friends of the owners should still buy paint of good quality and high quality. Putty powder plus latex paint costs about 6,000 yuan.

There is a lot of discussion about how much money can be used to decorate a 90-level house. I would like to tell you that there are many factors that affect the decoration budget. You can visit the website and experience directly under the line, and there will be professional staff providing free consultation services. In order to get the most accurate quote.

There are many links involved in home improvement, in addition to the above, we can also save money from hydropower reform and sanitary ware. It is worth noting that everyone should save money on the premise of ensuring quality, so as to create an environmentally friendly and beautiful place to live. The above is about the 90 flat house decoration how much money and new homes to save money to decorate the five coups related to share, for everyone to be a reference! If you have more related issues, welcome to continue to pay attention to this site, and later will show more exciting content for everyone.

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