6 important items for cabinet selection

The whole cabinet is no different from the “big piece” of the kitchen. The pattern of the whole kitchen is inextricably linked with the design of the whole cabinet. The choice of cabinets is also very important, often affecting the degree of comfort in the cooking process in the future and whether it is convenient to use and also affect its service life, etc.:

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1. Understand the thickness of the cabinet plate of the cabinets purchased.

Mainly in the market are 16mm, 18mm thickness specifications of the main plate, the thickness of different costs are very different, only this one thick plate cost is higher than 7%, but the service life, the thick plate made of the cabinet can Ensure that the door panel does not deform, protect the tabletop from cracking, and the service life can be extended by more than double.

2, see the combination and assembly methods.

At present, the market adopts the latest third-generation box bar structure and fixtures and quick-loading parts to more effectively ensure the firmness and endurance of the box. At the same time, it is also more environmentally friendly. In the combined part, the assembly of the Cabinets that are assembled separately from one another have a difference of 2-3 times in service life and stability, a cost difference of 5%, and the backboard must be selected to be double-sided sealed, otherwise the single-sided sealed backboard is prone to damp and moldy in the kitchen environment. It is also very easy to release formaldehyde and cause health problems.

3, to see the countertops, doors, cabinets and seals, bumper and so on.

Poorly sealed seals will cause fumes, dust, insects, etc., and there are cabinets for cabinets that have been put out by the cabinet brand to prevent smashing. When the doors are closed, the impact force is relieved, and noise is eliminated while preventing noise. There is a difference of 3% in the cost of entry of pests, and the absence of tamping and sealing. At the same time, the high-quality cabinets are fine, smooth, feel good, the seal line is straight and smooth, and the joints are fine. The professional manufacturers use the edge banding machine to complete the edge-sealing, decapitation, trimming, chamfering, polishing and other processes at one time. The glue is even and the pressure of the sealing edge is stable, ensuring the most accurate size.

4, regardless of the size of the brand cabinets, consumers should request a relevant test report.

Because the cabinets are also furniture products, the state has stipulated that it is required to issue a product inspection report and express the content of formaldehyde. The brand provides a test report of “finished product” in order to prove that the product is qualified.

5, cabinet hardware accessories.

The hardware accessories of the cabinet have played an important role in the use of the whole cabinet, especially the slide rails of the drawers and the bearings of the joints. Although these are very small details, they are important parts that affect the quality of the cabinets, holes and plates. The size error will cause errors in the mounting dimensions of the slide rails, resulting in a situation where the drawer pull is not smooth or loose, and the load is small.

6, do not only care about the price and style of the product.

Whether or not you can provide quality after-sales service is a demonstration of the strength of the manufacturers and the time for different shelf life of cabinets and parts.

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